La Bufadora

La Bufadora

One of the most visited places in the Mexican republic is La Bufadora (The Blow hole). It is one of the most attractive places that by tradition it is visited by tourism year round.

There is a saying, he who visits Ensenada, and does not visit La Bufadora it’s like he never came to the city.

What is?

A lot of articles found in the internet describe this phenomenon as a geyser, it was created by nature itself. There is a cave on the side of a hill as the waves come in, water runs into the cave creating a huge splash of water shooting the water 27 meters high, it is a spectacular seen, and you are right underneath of the splash so of course you will get wet, but it’s worth it.

La Bufadora is known to be the second biggest geyser in the world after Haiti.

But wait, the fun is not over! During this awesome tour towards La Bufadora you will walk thought a variety of souvenir shops, they sale panchos, Mexican sandals, bloody Mary’s, huge sombreros, knock off sun glasses, Cuban cigars, Fake Gucci bags etc. And if that’s not enough you can count on tasting our famous Mexican churros, cocos locos, churros locos and pina coladas.

In addition, La bufadora has fishing activities, mountain biking, kayak and the month of November to December there is whale watching.

“Is a must visit place”

Atv Ensenada guaranties a tour out of the ordinary, and out of your comfort zone full of adrenaline riding these quads to la bufadora is the way to go.

You can book a ride with us in our Bufadora Trip  also, this is another great tour ATV Beer and Tacos

“Lets Ride”.