Hot Water Springs

Hot Water

Let me tell you a little bit of the hot water springs, it is a natural phenomenon created by nature itself in many parts of the world we are lucky to have one here, these hot water springs have natural vitamins that are good for the skin, it makes your skin feel rejuvenated especially the mud bath. The city of Ensenada Baja California it is visited from tourist all year round from different parts of the world, there are many places to visit once you are here you just got to have the courage to have an adventure.

What is a water spring?

These types come from under the earth and are known to be healing because of the number of substances and minerals that they contain, there are two types of hot water springs magma and telluric they are both naturally filtered by the earth. The first documentation about hot water springs come from the time of B.C. So, very long ego.

Like we had mentioned before, these springs emerge from the ground reaching temperatures above 50 degrees, these water will always be hotter than the temperature above.

What are the benefits?

Pros about hot water springs, the quantity of minerals (Bicarb, chloride, and sodium) these liquids turn the water into healing water. It will heal muscle aches, joints, toxins and it will relax you from head to toes, good for allergies, circulation of the blood and skin problems.

Cons of hot water springs, not recommended for people with hypertension, hypotension, and tachycardia.

The best way to get to this healing world is by Atv Ensenada, come, let’s take some quads, let’s eat some dust and take a bath.