baja race

The baja race has been a tradition in Ensenda B.C. for 57 years now, this November 2023 will have been our 57th anniversary. We have three races a year the baja 250, the baja 500, and the baja 1000 each one has a different destination. This year the baja 1000 race will be finishing in […]

Hot Water Springs

Hot Water

Hot Water Let me tell you a little bit of the hot water springs, it is a natural phenomenon created by nature itself in many parts of the world we are lucky to have one here, these hot water springs have natural vitamins that are good for the skin, it makes your skin feel rejuvenated especially […]

La Bufadora

La Bufadora

La Bufadora One of the most visited places in the Mexican republic is La Bufadora (The Blow hole). It is one of the most attractive places that by tradition it is visited by tourism year round. There is a saying, he who visits Ensenada, and does not visit La Bufadora it’s like he never came […]

Come meet Ensenada

The history of Ensenada Baja California dates back to the year of 1542. that’s when the Spaniards arrived to this city, it was practically inhabited the whole XVIII century. Today Ensenada has a population of over 500,000 habitants we are always celebrating some type of fiesta, Ensenada has over a dozen tourist attractions, you can […]