baja race

The baja race has been a tradition in Ensenda B.C. for 57 years now, this November 2023 will have been our 57th anniversary. We have three races a year the baja 250, the baja 500, and the baja 1000 each one has a different destination. This year the baja 1000 race will be finishing in a small town call La Paz, it’s a 1000 mile race all off road with different types of categories joining the fun, there is trophy trucks which are the big boys, and then we have razors, buggies, sand rails, quads, dirt bikes etc. It all goes back to 1962 when American Honda approached a Hollywood stunt man to test drive the durability of their new CL72 Scrambler, he basically said “ok, I will take it from Tijuana all the way to La Paz” which is 1000 miles, that’s how this phenomenon got started. We are grateful to have front row view to this amazing spectacular race that takes place every year on front of our shop, it is the only time of the year where they let you walk around drinking beer, eating tacos, churros locos etc.

Being in the atv business that I am this race gives me a different perspective on what atvs are capable of running through, atvs capable of climbing steep hills running through rocks without making a dent on them, they have stunning speed and durability, my wish is to someday do a baja 1000 tour, that would be the adventure only a few can people can store in their adventure booklet.

Atv Ensenada strives for adventure, adrenaline, and stories to talk about. Our tours are about taking our customers out of their ordinary lives helping them forget about the states and line of work we just want you to get on the atvs and ride. Mexico is a great place to be yourself and not worry about the law or going to jail for a citation.

Lets ride!