ATV Mountain Tour

Here is how this full of adrenaline, adventures and awesome Atv Ensenada mountain tour works.

We start our atv mountain tour at our shop riding  our way through our beautiful streets of Ensenada working our way out of the city, we will be looking at all sorts of souvenir shops and local vendors  trying to get us to stop and look into their shop, but we won’t do that because we will be on a mission to an  adventures tour.

Our first mountain tour stop  will be at the view point. Riding up the hill will be our first adrenaline rush of the city ride, you can see everything from up there, you can see the cruise ship, the beach, the biggest flag you have ever seen, and many more things. While were there we can take pictures so you can share them on instagram, or with friends.

Riding down the hill

ATV Mountain Tour

Riding down the hill is also a roller coaster feeling, once we get to the bottom of the view point it will only take about a ten minutes till we get to do some off-roading into the hills depending on your experience and willingness is the course, or trail we will take to the top of the mountain we have an easy way up, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring, and we have a the troublesome trail which can’t be done in groups unless you have some experience, if not it has to be done in pairs or alone, but we usually do it together while the others watch you ride to the top and you can capture it on video.

Riding up the mountain will be the high lights of the Atv Ensenada tour, because you will see what these atvs are really capable of doing my recommendation for this type of tour is not to be afraid of riding over a rock, or through the dips and water canals.

Another reason why I recommend this atv Mountain tour, is cause is not a time consuming activity it will be done in two and half hours, so you can go back to papas and beers to have some cold drinks and boogie. Sign up to excursion down below.

CRUISE SHIP MEETING POINT: A two minute walk from port towards the street at the black bridge we will be there with your name on a sign.

 We also do hotel and AIRBNB pick up.

TIME: This tour can be done any time of the day with reservation request a time on the form below. Duration for this tour is two hours.


Single Rider :$ 80.00 USD

Double Rider:$ 110.00 USD


Doubts ? Call me from USA 01152(646)151-9429, from México +52(646)151-9429

Rent for hour or day

Single Rider : $95.00 USD

Double Rider: $ 120.00 USD

Single Rider :$125.00 USD

Double Rider:$160.00 USD

Single Rider :$100.00 USD

Double Rider:$120.00 USD

Single Rider:$105.00 USD

Double Rider:$135.00 USD