ATV Zip-line Combo

Atv and Zip line combo, this is a highly recommended tour because Atvs and Zip line are the best and wildest things you can do in Atv Ensenada you get to do two things for the price of one.

Here is how it works, you get to ride the Atvs to Las Cañadas the Zip line park,the fun starts with the Atv riding (full atv ride on the streets 30 miles round trip). Soon as you touch the Atv you will know that you are about to start an unforgettable adventure… The zip line tour has five zip lines and five hanging bridges, it is 60 minutes of pure fun. Once were finished with that we ride back to town and do some off road riding on the way back if you’d wish.

zip-line-canadas-3From my experience after doing all that riding and flying people seem to get hungry, luckily on the way back is the best taco shop in Ensenada, we can stop, the food and atmosphere is great I eat there with my family and I take tourist there all the time I’am well known there, all of the food is made right before your eyes I will not take anyone somewhere I would not eat.

Bilingual guide is included in this tour, you can ride two persons on one Atv, the Atvs are fully automatic, we provide helmets and gas, we recommend that you wear shoes for safety reasons, full instructions on how to operate the Atvs will be provided, no experience necessary all ages are welcome only eleven years of age and up can drive the Atv alone the younger ones will have to ride with an adult.

zip-line-canadas-2You might wonder how can you find us? If you are on the cruise ship You will walk out of the cruise ship pass the yellow security office straight to the white museum that you can see from the cruise ship, Emilio will be waiting for you on a huge green golf car with your reservation last name printed on a paper.

If you are staying in a hotel not far from our shop we will pick you up. The time for this tour is 9:30 am to 2:30 pm

PICK UP POINT FOR PEOPLE ON CRUISE SHIP: A two minute walk from port  towards the street on the black bridge, we will be there with your name on a sign. 

TIME: This tour can be done any time before 1:00 p.m. with reservation duration for this tour is 4-5 hours.

FOR DRIVERS INTO TOWN: We do hotel pick up within five mile range from our shop send us the info.



Single Rider :$125.00 USD

Double Rider:$160.00 USD


Doubts ? Call me from USA 01152(646)151-9429, from México +52(646)151-9429

Rent for hour or day

Single Rider : $95.00 USD

Double Rider: $ 120.00 USD

Single Rider :$80.00 USD

Double Rider:$ 110.00 USD

Single Rider :$100.00 USD

Double Rider:$120.00 USD

Single Rider:$105.00 USD

Double Rider:$135.00 USD