ATV Wine Tour

Ok, here is how this awesome Atv Ensenada wine tour works.

I Emilio will be waiting for you at the black pedestrian cross bridge  which is a two to five minute walk from the cruise ship, there is also a yellow security office. I will be at the bridge with your name on a sign , and if you are driving you will find us down town on second street inside Motel Gris.

Once we have met we will head over to our shop get all  geared up with safety equipment. helmet, and goggles is basically all we need. Safety instructions will be given to you soon as you jump on your quad.

Wine tour


This fun and adventurous Atv Ensenada wine tour starts from our shop right on the streets. We are lucky to be able to ride our Atvs on the street, as we drive off to our destination we will cross through town I Emilio will be leading the group. As we ride on through town we will see lot of local people, souvenir shops, papas and beers night and day club.


Once we pass all of the shops hold on really tight to your handle bars because we will start to ride up to the view point it will be the first high light of our excursion. Once we reach the top of the view point it is always nice to take some pictures so you can share with love ones.

To get to the wineries we must first ride on some trails which are on the way to the wineries I love riding these trails they never get old, our first stop will be Santo Tomas

winery, then El Laurel will be our next and if you are still able to ride after those two we will visit Clos Tres Cantos, our chalenge is to make it to the fourth one….

This Atv Ensenada tour is recommended for 18 and up years of age only….

PICK UP POINT FOR PEOLPLE ON CRUISE SHIP: A two minute walk from port towards the street at the black bridge we will be there with your name on a sign. 

TIME: 9:30


Single Rider : $85.00 USD

Double Rider: $ 120.00 USD

Doubts ? Call me from USA 01152(646)151-9429, from México (646)151-9429

Rent for hour or day

Single Rider :$125.00 USD

Double Rider:$160.00 USD

Single Rider :$ 75.00 USD

Double Rider:$ 100.00 USD

Single Rider :$85.00 USD

Double Rider:$120.00 USD

Single Rider:$85.00 USD

Double Rider:$120.00 USD