ATV Tour Blowhole

1st part: The atv ride. Ok, here we go ladies and gentlemen. ATV/ Blowhole tour. Don’t forget your sun glasses your Atvs Ensenada are gassed up and ready to roll were taking a 12 mile Atv fun ride full of excitement and adventure through the streets and trails of Ensenada.

This tour is safe for all ages. We will be cruising through town with many things to see as we ride our way out of Ensenada for the breath taking views of the ocean.

On the way over we will make a stop at an Atv track right next to the sand dunes where you will be able to release all of your stress trough the throttle of the quad, the track is a great place for people to really get to know how to handle the atv so they can ride more confident  with the cars on the streets.


there is no other place like it in the world

2nd part: The shuttle ride.The Bufadora is a must visit place if you are in Ensenada, there is no other place like it in the world, it is a cave on the side of the hill where the waves from the ocean crash creating a roaring sound while splashing the water 100 meters high while you’re standing right underneath of the splash and if you don’t move the splash will soak you and will leave you wanting more.

While were there we can take pictures with exotic animal’s like baby tigers and lions and yes you get to hold them (you must pay separatly to hold the exotic animals), there are a million souvenir’s you can buy and you can bargain like no other place.

If you get thirsty there are lots of pina coladas stands, or you can pop open a cold alcohol drink walk and sip on the strip of the Bufadora and last but not least there is a great taco shop(Lidias) where you must eat. On the atv ride back we can stop at la Joya beach and ride full throtle, or swim, so don’t forget your sun block.

MEETING POINT FOR PEOPLE ON CRUISE SHIP: A two minute walk from port towards the street at the black bridge we will be there with your name on sign. TIME: 9:30 to 3:00  FOR DRIVERS INTO TOWN: We do hotel pick up when you set the reservation write us a messeage with hotel info you set the time!


Single Rider :$100.00 USD

Double Rider:$120.00 USD


Doubts ? Call me from USA 01152(646)151-9429, from México +52(646)151-9429

Rent for hour or day

Single Rider : $95.00 USD

Double Rider: $120.00 USD

Single Rider :$125.00 USD

Double Rider:$160.00 USD

Single Rider :$ 80.00 USD

Double Rider:$ 110.00 USD

Single Rider:$105.00 USD

Double Rider:$135.00 USD