ATV Hot water Springs Tour

Ok, here is a small description about this unforgettable Atv Ensenada adventure tour to some awesome hot water springs, the park is called San Carlos.

Our Atv Ensenada tour will start at our shop down town Ensenada a walking distance from the cruise ship it is only about two to five minute walk to the pickup point on the black bridge which is next to the white museum we will be there  with your name on sign…

Here is what you will be experiencing throughout this awesome Atv Ensenada tour to the Hot water Springs, we will gear up at our shop, helmets, goggles all the protection you need will be provided for you at no extra cost.

We will start our tour riding our Atvs through the streets of our small town, you will see local people walking by, old cars passing through some locals will wave at us wishing they were in our tour, as we continue to ride we will ride past the our beautiful beach we can stop and take pictures you just have to let me know, after that we will keep on riding for about six miles until we get to the off-road part of the tour.

Here is where the climax of the tour begins… The off-road is so much fun there is  no cars on our way, it will be just us and the trail to the hot water springs we will be riding this  peaceful trail with mountain views on both sides picking up high speeds and low speeds riding up hills and down hills, we will be crossing five to eight small rivers depending on how much rain we get is how many rivers we jump into and yes I mean literately ride into them there in no bridges’.

When the trail ends that’s when we have reached our destination. Entrance to the park is
totally up to you guys and there is a $8 dollar entrance fee not included in the tour price list I really recommend going into the park because you can jump into the pool filled with hot volcano water or the normal pool with normal temp water, you can also take a mud bath that is good for the skin your skin will feel great after the bath I highly recommend this Atv Ensenada tour to the hot water springs for all ages and family.

MEETING POINT FOR PEOPLE ON CRUISE SHIP: A two minute walk from port towards the street at the black bridge we will be there with your name on a sign. 

TIME: This tour can be done any time during the day with reservation request your time on the form below. this is a 4-5 hour tour. 

FOR DRIVERS INTO TOWN: We do hotel pick up when you set the reservation write us a messeage with hotel info, you set the time!


Single Rider:$105.00 USD

Double Rider:$135.00 USD

Doubts ? Call us from USA 01152(646)151-9429, from México +52(646)151-9429

Rent for hour or day

Single Rider : $95.00 USD

Double Rider: $ 120.00 USD

Single Rider :$125.00 USD

Double Rider:$160.00 USD

Single Rider :$80.00 USD

Double Rider:$110.00 USD

Single Rider :$100.00 USD

Double Rider:$120.00 USD